Schedule of Meetings and Events for 2015

Schedule is subject to change.


January 26 Dye Preview Class- Baroness Eridana Ambra Dragotta

February 1 or 8Dye Workshop day- Baroness Eridana Ambra Dragotta

                              7– Pop up at St. Isadore Anniversary

                              23Leatherworking class- Stephen Meyer

March 23The Viking Medicine Chest- Ána Rúna Dhònnchaidh

April 4– Pop up at St. Artemas Anniversary

25– Pop up at Summergate Anniversary

27Lucet class- Lord Ketill rauðskeggr

May 20-25– Potrero War

25– Meeting date dark for Potrero

June 22Viking Cooking

TBDViking Cooking workshop/ 3 Year Anniversary Party

July 27Birka stitch class- Mistress Ellyn of Tanwayour

August 2– Table at Arts in the Park

22– Pop up at Leodamus of Thebes Tournament

31– Meeting subject TBD

September– Vista Viking Festival- Date TBD

26– Pop up at Tanwayour Anniversary

283/1 Twill Card Weaving Class- THL Margaret Kern

October 7-12– Great Western War

17– Pop up at Leif Erickson Tournament

26– Meeting subject TBD

November 7– Pop up at Calafia Anniversary

23– Meeting subject TBD

December 5– Table at Winter Arts

28– Yule Party and member tokens to those who have been to 5 or more meetings