Classes for April and May!

Good morning! Mark your calendars; we have some dates of upcoming stuff for the Viking Guild!

Join us Monday, April 27th, for our next class Lucet Making taught by Lord Ketill rauðskeggr at Allied Gardens in the Garden Room (5155 Greenbrier Ave., SD, CA, 92120) at 7:00 pm.

Lord Ketill:
“This class will focus on creating a cord using a single strand. There will be lucets to loan, but if you have one please bring it. There will be string available, but if you want to make a specific colour of cord out, please figure on having enough string at a ratio of 12 inches of cord to make 1 inch of lucet cord. (Better too much string than not enough). For example, when I make award cord I use 5/2 cotton; a single strand cord uses 9.5 yards to make a 1 yard cord. (Really.)”

Next, please join us for the Viking Turnshoe: Part 2 class, taught by Stephen Meyer, on May 9th at 1pm, also at Allied Gardens. We will be working in the park, but not in the building. Look for us straight back from the parking lot, near the second clump of trees. There is a picnic table there. Please bring a chair!

We will also be dark for our normal meeting date in May, as that is the last day of Potrero War. We will meet up again in June to learn Viking Age cooking taught by Dagný Starkaðardóttir

See everyone soon!

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