Important information about tomorrow night’s class!

Important information about tomorrow night’s class:

Please do not forget to bring 2 pairs of thick socks that you don’t mind sacrificing to the shoe pattern. Also, if you have it, please bring a roll of duct tape and a leather awl (for putting holes in the leather). If anyone has SAFETY SCISSORS, the kind with the bend and the little bead at the end, (like for cutting casts and splints away) please bring those as well.

Due to the interest, Stephen is planning for a few more kits being available. But there is only a couple hours for the class, and there is a chance that we will need to hold a second part to the class. Please be respectful of the class time needed and show up as close to 7 as you can possibly get there. Normally we can give the class 15 minutes or so before starting for those who might be running late; tomorrow we will need all the time!

I’m excited for all the interest and we are lucky to have such a gifted leatherworker teaching us! I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

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