February’s Class: Viking Turnshoes

thGood morning, Vikings and friends! Please join us Monday, February 23rd, at 7:00 pm at Allied Gardens Rec Center (5155 Greenbrier Ave., SD, CA, 92120) in the Garden Room for our next class: Viking Turnshoes taught by Stephen Meyer.

From Stephen:
“Hail brothers and sisters, this class will be touching on the basics of turn shoe making. Members of the guild will have a chance to have hands on experience and walk away with their own pair if period turn shoes. We’ll be doing simple shoes and slippers. Class will start off with a brief description and go right into shoe making.

Bring two thick pairs of socks, one if which will get cut up for patterns.

Class fee is $20, which will cover material ( leather, thread, oil, etc) I will have stain on hand for certain leather, any color as long as it’s antique brown ( big smile)
* if we don’t finish your shoes, no worries. I’ll make sure I have time later and we’ll make sure you have shoes by Potrero.”

Class limit 10-13 please.

This is going to be an amazing class! Please bring your class fee for Stephen to the Monday class.

I will be out of town, so I will have to miss this class, but my deputy, Jessica, will be there in case to let everyone in!

Have fun on Monday at the Viking Turnshoe class!


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