Meeting for January 26th and February 8th: Natural Medieval Dyes


Good evening, Vikings and friends! Our first class of the year is coming up in 2 weeks! Join us January 26th at 7pm at Allied Gardens (5155 Greenbrier Ave, SD, CA, 92120) for our next class: Natural Medieval Dyes taught by Baroness Eridana Ambra Dragotta.

From Baroness Eridana:

“Have you heard Pink is not period?
Well that and many other myths about colors available to the medieval Lord or Lady are not true. We will discuss the options for the modern dyer to choose medieval color options that we can actually recreate. I will bring books and dyed fabric so you can choose more period colors for your garb.

There will be a hands-on dye class Feb 8 at 1:00 pm at Lady Euginia’s home for anyone that would like to dye their own silk scarf or fabric. This class is limited to 8 people and will cost $10 for each scarf anyone wants to take home or $5 for multiple small skeins of wool thread. People will need to preregister and pay because there is a preparation for any fiber needed before the class.”

For the class on January 26th, it is open to all, but in order to do the hands-on class on Feb 8th, you must preregister at the Monday class (the 26th) and bring the money at that time.

See you in two weeks!

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