Arts and Sciences Point at St. Artemas Anniversary

Greetings Calafia! We have a couple of Arts and Science announcements for St. Artemas Anniversary, which will be here Saturday, April 4th.

We will be collecting largesse for Baron Guy and Baroness Murrien at Arts and Sciences Point, at both St. Artemas Anniversary and Summergate Anniversary, this month. While at St. Artemas, we will also be holding the next Scrapbook Quilt Competition.

Quite a few of the beehive designs were picked up at St. Isidore Anniversary, so we should see quite a wonderful assortment of embroideries come back for the competition! Please remember that if you picked up a hand drawn design, this is an official competition entry and we are looking forward to seeing your piece returned. It doesn’t matter if you are attempting embroidery for the first time, or this was your 1,000th piece, your embroidery could be chosen for the Scrapbook Quilt of Calafia!

When you arrive at St. Artemas Anniversary, come find Arts and Sciences Point to turn in your finished St. Isidore design. You will be signed in and the voting via People’s Choice will begin approximately 30 minutes after court. If you have any questions, please contact

Until St. Artemas Anniversary, Happy Stitching!

Yours In Service,

Lady Euginia in rauða

Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences, Calafia


Lady Grainne ingen Tomais

Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences, Calafia