Arts and Sciences String Solar at Calafia Anniversary

The Barony of Calafia’s Arts and Sciences Point will be at Calafia Anniversary! We are inviting the Populace to come join us under the shade, as Lady Grainne and I are hosting a String Solar during the event! Bring your weaving, your embroidery, your Kumihimo, and all other sundry string-based crafts and join us. We will be there all day! It isn’t necessary to have a project to join us, but if you would like to participate, and do not have a project, never fear! We will have some muslin, pre-printed embroidery pieces, cross-stitch patterns, needle, and thread for anyone interested.

For those who were unable to make it to Leif Erickson, but would still like to participate in very last installment for the Scrapbook Quilt competition, we have the design available for pick up. The Leif Erickson piece will be due at Winter Arts and we will vote on the last finished designs to go into the Scrapbook Quilt. After that, all of the winning quilt pieces will be put together to be raffled off at Potrero War 2016.

Looking forward to the lovely day tomorrow!

Lady Euginia in rauða
MOAS, Barony of Calafia

Lady Grainne Ingen Tomais​
Deputy MOAS, Barony of Calafia

Arts and Sciences Point at Summergate Annniversary

Lady Grainne working on her loom.

Lady Grainne working on her loom.

Summergate Anniversary and Longsword Tournament is this Saturday, April 25th at the beautiful Buddy Todd Park in Oceanside (Buddy Todd Park, 3000 Mesa Drive at Parnassus Circle, Oceanside 92054). Calafia’s Arts and Sciences Point is extending an invitation for the populace to come relax under the shade of the Arts pavilion; whether you have a project in the works, or just want to hang with other Arts & Sciences minded people, come on by!

Besides bringing any largesse you have for Their Excellencies to Arts and Sciences Point on Saturday, don’t forget to bring your looms as we are also hosting a Cardweaving Solar on Saturday! Weavers of any skill are invited to warp up and join us for a day of weaving! This isn’t just for card weavers; if you have a loom, bring it! Curious about card weaving and always wanted to try it? We will have a few loaners on site for folks to try their hand.

We are postponing the Quilt Competition we were planning on hosting at Summergate until after Potrero. This will give everyone more time to finish their pieces at their leisure and enjoy the lead up and flurry of activity before War! We will resume the rest of the competitions after May.

Yours in Service,

Lady Euginia in rauða

Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences, Calafia


Lady Grainne ingen Tomais

Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences, Calafia

15 days to send in your class proposal for Potrero War!

There are 15 days left (April 20th) until the deadline to get your class or arts activities into the Gate Book for Potrero War 2015! Please don’t hesitate to get your proposal in! (Any classes submitted between April 21st and May 11 will have the class information at Arts and Sciences Point only.)

If you are planning on teaching at Collegium, I would be delighted to hold your class again at Potrero War. (Hey you will already be prepared!) Wishing you were able to do a “Part 2” for your Collegium class? I am happy to schedule it for Potrero War. Contact for any questions.

Wishing you could meet other people doing the same craft you are? Looking to exchange ideas about your craft, or just have someone to geek out about it with you? Host a craft/skill circle! You don’t need to be an expert and you don’t need to be able to teach; it is just a fun get-together with like-minded artisans. Arts and Sciences Point is looking to schedule some craft circles. You can schedule it at the Stone Tables or at a location of your choosing.

If you are interested in teaching a class or hosting a crafting get-together, you can fill out the form found at If you are teaching a “Part 2” class or hosting a craft circle, just add this information to your description. You will be notified as soon as your proposal has been received.


Thank you and I am looking forward to a great War!

Yours in Service,

Lady Euginia in rauða

Steward for Arts and Sciences, Potrero War

Arts and Sciences Point at St. Artemas Anniversary

Greetings Calafia! We have a couple of Arts and Science announcements for St. Artemas Anniversary, which will be here Saturday, April 4th.

We will be collecting largesse for Baron Guy and Baroness Murrien at Arts and Sciences Point, at both St. Artemas Anniversary and Summergate Anniversary, this month. While at St. Artemas, we will also be holding the next Scrapbook Quilt Competition.

Quite a few of the beehive designs were picked up at St. Isidore Anniversary, so we should see quite a wonderful assortment of embroideries come back for the competition! Please remember that if you picked up a hand drawn design, this is an official competition entry and we are looking forward to seeing your piece returned. It doesn’t matter if you are attempting embroidery for the first time, or this was your 1,000th piece, your embroidery could be chosen for the Scrapbook Quilt of Calafia!

When you arrive at St. Artemas Anniversary, come find Arts and Sciences Point to turn in your finished St. Isidore design. You will be signed in and the voting via People’s Choice will begin approximately 30 minutes after court. If you have any questions, please contact

Until St. Artemas Anniversary, Happy Stitching!

Yours In Service,

Lady Euginia in rauða

Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences, Calafia


Lady Grainne ingen Tomais

Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences, Calafia

Arts Competitions at Potrero War!

Greetings Caid! Arts and Sciences Point at Potrero War (May 21 to May 25th, 2015) will be hosting some fun competitions this year: The Persona Timeline Project and The Embroidered Illumination Competition.

The Persona Timeline Project is a competition to present an item from your persona’s personal timeline, i.e. something he or she would have used and owned.. You may enter this under the Fact (documentation) or Fable (fabricated origin) category. For rules and information on this competition, go to

The Embroidered Illumination Competition is for an artisan to take traditional medieval illumination and remake it into an embroidered illumination. This can be on anything from a square of cloth to a finished garment. For rules and information on this competition, go to

For questions regarding the competitions, please contact

See you at Potrero War!

Lady Euginia in rauða
Arts and Sciences Steward, Potrero War

Lady Grainne Ingen Tomais
Isolde de Fetherstan
THL Dagny Starkaðrdottir
Deptuty Arts and Sciences Stewards, Potrero War