Our ongoing competition for 2015: The Calafia Scrapbook Quilt- Information and the Schedule of Designs!

What is the Calafia Scrapbook Quilt??


The Calafia Scrapbook Quilt is a year long project that will be comprised of 18 embroidered pieces done by members of the populace, which will be made into a quilt to be auctioned off at Potrero 2016, which just so happens to be the SCA’s 50th Anniversary!

How are these pieces chosen? At events throughout the year, we will have an design available to embroider. Each design will be available to the populace the day of the event and will reflect something about the event’s theme or of our beautiful Barony! The embroidery may be worked on at the event, as well as finished at home.

At a following event, the finished embroideries will be voted on to choose the pieces that will become part of the finished quilt. Good luck and thank you for participating in the beautification (and warming up) of our Barony!

Schedule for Scrapbook Quilt

(Schedule is subject to change)

Embroidery Design Available                                             Event to Vote on Finished Piece

Calafia Anniversary               November 8, 2014              Winter Arts

Winter Arts                             December 6, 2014               St. Isadore’s Anniversary

St. Isadore’s                            February 7, 2015                  St. Artemas’s Anniversary

St. Artemas                             April 4, 2015                         Summergate Anniversary

Summergate                           April 25, 2015                       Tanwayour Anniversary

Potrero War                            May 20-25, 2015                 Tanwayour Anniversary

Tanwayour                              August 8, 2015                     Longsword/Greatsword

Longsword/Greatsword      August 29, 2015                   Leif Erickson Tournament

Leif Erickson                          October   17, 2015                Calafia Anniversary