Potrero War 2015: Arts and Sciences Competitions


The Persona Timeline Project

Arts and Sciences Point; Saturday, May 23: Drop off 9-9:45am; Voting 10am-2pm


One of the more fun parts of playing in the SCA is imagining what the persona we have chosen would have been like. Were we nobles, or commoners; did we have vast tracts of land, or were did we only own what was on our back; did we stay put in one location, or were we well traveled? This competition is to bring to life one aspect of that persona!

Competitors are to enter an item that would have been owned or used by his or her persona, within their persona’s timeline. It can be any item, of any size. It must be handmade by the person entering the competition and a small write up about the persona should accompany the entry (who s/he was and what time period s/he lived). The write up doesn’t have to be long; a paragraph or two is sufficient. If someone would like to enter the competition, but does not have a persona, it is perfectly fine to choose a persona just for the competition.

There are two categories that you may enter your item in: Fact or Fable.

Fact Category

*The item must be documentable within the chosen timeline and have documentation accompany the entry (have at least 1 source, but more sources are better). Photo documentation is acceptable.

*The item MAY NOT be “handed down” to your persona out of your persona’s timeline (example: a pair of 8th century brooches for a 10th century persona, even if they are handmade).

Fable Category

*Item doesn’t need to be documented, but there must be a written story to accompany the item as to how the person acquired it. It can be as fantastical as the person wishes.

*Item MAY be handed down.

*Please no major fantasy element in the item, i.e., no wizard wands. However, the item can have a mystical aspect.

Competitors may enter as many times as they wish, but there may be only one item per entry.

Competitors should bring entries for sign-in and display to Arts and Sciences Point Saturday between 9-9:45am. Voting will be from 10am-2pm. Entries must be picked up by 3pm. If you cannot pick up your item yourself, please arrange for someone to retrieve it for you. If entries are left past 3pm, they will become donations for the Volunteer Raffle. Winners will be announced at Closing Court.


Illuminated Embroidery Competition

Arts and Sciences Point; Sunday, May 24: Drop off 9-9:45am; Voting 10am-1pm


Have you ever looked at an illumination and thought, “That would make a wonderful embroidery”? The Illuminated Embroidery Competition is the chance to take that illumination and bring it to life! This competition is specifically to show an illumination as an embroidery. Competitors may enter their piece, with any illumination as inspiration. The embroidery can be on anything from a square of fabric, to a finished garment. There are two categories to enter: Laurel (can be in any subject) and Non-Laurel.

*The piece must be a minimum of 3″x3″, but may be as large as the artist wishes.

*Artists may combine illumination designs, as long as the designs are not altered from original.

*There must be a printed copy of the original illumination(s) with each entry.

*The artist may choose colors or metallic threads as they wish even if they are not found in the original illumination.

*Hand embroidery only.

Competitors may enter as many times as they wish, but there may be only one item per entry.

The competition is Sunday. Bring your pieces to Arts and Sciences Point Sunday morning between 9-9:45am. Voting will be open from 10-1pm. Artists must pick their pieces up by 2pm. If you cannot pick up you item, please make arrangements for another person to pick up your entry for you. Any entries left after 2pm will become donations to the Volunteer Raffle. Winners will be announced at Closing Court on Sunday.

Questions regarding the competition may be sent to arts@potrerowar.org.