It’s time to vote on the second design for the Scrapbook Quilt Competition!

Good Gentles of Calafia! St. Isadore’s Anniversary will be here in two weeks, which means it’s almost time to vote on the Scrapbook Quilt embroidery designs that were available at Winter Arts.

The branch of holly to represent Winter Arts.

The branch of holly to represent Winter Arts.


We were lucky to have all of the holly branch designs that designated Winter Arts picked up, so we expect to see quite a wonderful assortment of embroideries! Please remember that if you picked up a hand drawn design, this is an official competition entry and we are looking foward to seeing your piece returned! It doesn’t matter if you are attempting embroidery for the first time, or this was your 1,000th piece, your embroidery could be chosen for the Scrapbook Quilt of Calafia!


When you arrive at St. Isadore’s Anniversary, come find Arts and Sciences Point to turn in your finished Winter Arts design. You will be signed in and the voting via People’s Choice will begin approximately 30 minutes after court. If you have any questions, please contact

Until St. Isadore’s Anniversary, Happy Stitching!

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