Calafia Scrapbook Quilt: First competition installment at Winter Arts

There is a new competition going on in Calafia: The Calafia Scrapbook Quilt competition! It is an ongoing competition for 2015 and will consist of 9 different images. These will be available throughout the year, starting at Calafia Anniversary 2014. Each of the designs will reflect either the event of the day, or something of our beautiful Barony. Participants will be able to pick up a design at a particular event, which will be announced  prior to the day. Once the designs are picked up, the participants will have until a following event to complete the embroidery, which will be announced that day. There will be a minimum of several weeks to complete the design.

When the day of the competition comes, those that have completed their designs will bring them to the event, and turn them into Arts and Sciences Point. The embroideries will be on display for the day so that the populace can vote on and choose the top two designs that will make it into the quilt!

For Calafia Anniversary, a design of our populace badge was chosen. The Calafia Sea Serpent was the perfect image to start off our competition.

The serpent of Calafia.

Our first design: the serpent of Calafia.

There were 30 designs available, and all were picked up!

The finished serpents were due at Winter Arts. There were several finished embroideries that made it back and placed on the table for everyone to vote on.  There were two that were chosen to become part of the Scrapbook Quilt.


1st place embroidery by Katherine Bedford.

2nd place embroidery by Tanikawa no Reishi.

2nd place embroidery by Tanikawa no Reishi.


The winning embroideries highlight some of the talent that we have in Calafia!

The next design was one that will hopefully reflect Winter Arts and the coming holidays that fill the end of our year; a branch of holly made up the design for Winter Arts.

The branch of holly to represent Winter Arts.

Our second design: the branch of holly to represent Winter Arts.

Again, all of the available embroidery squares were picked up by members of the populace. Participants will have until St. Isadore’s Anniversary in February to complete the design. At St. Isadore’s, the finished pieces will once again be displayed and the populace may vote on the best two.

Good luck to all of the participants and we will see you at St. Isadore’s Anniversary!!

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